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Exile is currently recruiting for exceptional raid talents as well as casual players who just want to have people to group with during the day. Currently focusing on tank and heals recruitment but dps is still welcome as well.
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Cairne (PvE)
                                 Welcome to Exile

Exile is closed.. we  stopped raiding 2 months ago.. The GM was sick and gone for 4 weeks in  in oct.. came back to find  the guild was stolen and  given to the biggest piece of shit in the guild
Mitsii  who kicked everyone and took the guild as an alt bank.. This guy was our biggest pain in the guild, should have kicked him  months ago. Anyways Blyzzard would do nothing.. so  as for me they can shove the game. I will not play a game that allows  kids to destory others hard work.  Best wishes to those who put in the blood/ sweat/ and tears to help build what was once a #1 guild. To sheephound,  your a real piece of work since your the one who took the guild and sold it to Mitsii. 

Edit of Naavar:   Just thought i would add my two cents here as well. Sheephound i am very disappointed in you for doing that move. You gave it to the one person who contributed the most to us finally making the decision to close. Mitsy has always been a leech and an insecure ass who needed to boost up his ego by playing the game and putting other people down. His actions were one of the main reasons we have left to begin with. He never stopped talking in raids, he was disliked by everyone but ben and blackscarab (who were decent people i might add). Your move sheephound was a spit in the face to all former exile members who hated Mitsy for his inability to be a decent and polite human being. The reason Moon left the guild open was for either robbie or someone else to take over if needed. Mitsy to you personally i would like to add a few words as well even though i did that already...  Not only did you contribute the most to exile falling apart, but you also leeched off when it was all over. Youre a disgrace for every kind of community and i think i speak for all guilds you might join when i say, your contribution on cairne has been nothing but destructive and your medium performance is evened out by your ability to put others down so there is zero focus on you... and the worst thing is that you wont even give a shit.... i hope it was worth it.
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Naavar, May 21, 11 6:52 PM.
Existing members please just apply and we will add you after talking to you ingame.
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